Surface Pro 4

Купил самый дорогой для себя гаджет (за 780 евро с ебэй).
Кортана всё ещё не поддерживает русский. Для планшета (который, впрочем, для России и не продаётся) конечно это большой косяк.

Ну и может кому пригодится инстукция как снести драйвера из Windows.old после обновления системы (актуально для всех версий Surface Pro):

Seem for whatever reason during the setup, Surface holds to a few *.sys files on the Windows.Old directory.
1. First you will need to take ownership and set permissions for your account to «Allow» «Full control»
2. Next step is  to open the folder and delete most files you can, by the time you’re done you should remain with a couple folders inside C:\\Windows.Old\Windows\System32
3. Dig a little deeper and you will all the *.sys files preventing you from deleting this directory (Ex: SurfaceAccessoryDevice.sys; SurfaceCapacitiveHomeButton.sys; SurfaceDisplayCalibration.sys; SurfacePenDriver.sys) move this windows to the side or write down the name of these files.
4. Open your Device Manager and look for these devices (Ex: for Surface most of the above will be on the last ground on the bottom of these screen)
5. Expand the Group
6. One by one, right click on EACH individual device corresponding to all *.sys files found on Windows.Old > click Uninstall — (DO NOT select the Delete Driver check box)
7. Providing you deleted all devices attached to the files found, you should now be able go back to you Windows Explorer window and delete Windows.Old directory.
8. Go back to Device Manager and select the top of the list (Your pc name) and click refresh, Windows 10 how now pick up the latest drivers from current Windows\System32 directory
9. Reboot the system and you should be good to go.
This might seem a bit complicated, it’s really not and takes less than 5min to complete.
Good Luck, hope it helps


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