Show ToolTip for RibbonPage

Although Devexpress RibbonPage has property ToolTip, it is not shown by some reason. To show it, add following to RibbonControl: <dxr:RibbonControl.Resources> <Style TargetType="dxr:RibbonPageCaptionControl"> <Setter Property="ToolTip" Value="{Binding ToolTip}"/> </Style> </dxr:RibbonControl.Resources>

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In this example control’s edit value type differs from int:

WPF: Add custom type object to Settings

Just add such code to existing Settings.cs file (Settings.settings -> View code):

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Most perfect looks an way with MarkupExtension:

WPF: Binding to static property of static class

You don’t need to use `static` properties… you can declare a class using the `Singleton` pattern, so there can only be one instance, just *like* a `static` class. Just use normal `public` CLR properties in this class… something like this (but with properties):

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